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Li Europan lingues es membres del sam familie. Lor separat existentie es un myth. Por scientie, musica, sport etc, li tot Europa usa li sam vocabularium. Li lingues differe solmen in li grammatica, li pronunciation e li plu commun vocabules. Omnicos directe al desirabilita; de un nov lingua franca: on refusa continuar payar custosi traductores. It solmen va esser necessi far uniform grammatica, pronunciation e plu sommun paroles.

Our Staff

Kayla Stockley

Kayla became the owner of Grandma Bea’s on June 1st, 2017. She bought the school because she saw it as an opportunity to expand early intervention to the younger age groups and create an inclusive preschool where every child is given the tools necessary to allow them to learn, grow, and reach their fullest potential. She believes that every child can learn, each of them in their own unique way, and it is her goal to provide the opportunity for that to take place.

She says that by the time they leave the school, each student will have developed important social and life skills. They will have worked on learning about colors, body parts, the environment, and the world around them. Each one will have developed a greater sense of independence while learning how to build relationships and think logically. All of this will come together to provide a smoother transition into kindergarten.

Outside of Grandma Bea’s, Kayla is a Special Education teacher for Idaho Virtual Academy and has been working with children from infants to 18 years of age as well as adults for 12 years. She has Duel master’s Degrees in education, one in special education and the other in physical education, as well as a Bachelors of Exercise Science and Health from the University of Idaho. Her favorite subjects in school were math and science because she loves the logical thinking behind them and getting to learn through exploration and working with her hands. Kayla moved to Moscow in 2007 and is married with three children. She is 31 and originally from Nampa, Idaho. When she is not at work, Kayla enjoys sports, coaching, hiking, camping, fishing, and spending time with her family.

Seana Brogan

Seana is the Lead Teacher at Grandma Beas. She started babysitting at age 15 and continued working with kids because she enjoys watching them develop, grow, and learn new things. Seana has taught kids from the baby room to the After-School program over the span of her year working at Grandma Bea’s. Seana especially likes encouraging her students to learn in their own way, so her favorite subjects to teach are art and reading because these areas have a lot of free choices.

In her free time, Seana likes to pursue her interest in photography and work on her art. When she was young, Seana watched Hannah Montana, which was a big influence in her childhood. Remembering that helps her connect with her students. Seana’s favorite subjects in school were art, painting, and photoshop class. Seana is 19 years old. Born in Moscow and having graduated High School in 2017, Seana eventually dreams of being a photographer and going to Cosmetology school.

Phoebe Chapman

Phoebe is a teacher at Grandma Bea’s. She started babysitting when she was 15 and has worked with children in a preschool setting for one year. She has experience with kids from newborns to age seven. She started teaching because she loves children and how goofy and curious they can be. In school, her favorite subjects were art, because of how relaxing and creative it is, as well as science. She enjoys sharing these passions through what she teaches her toddlers. By the time they leave her class, her goal is that students will have developed basic writing, reading, and math skills and good social behaviors such as communication.

Outside of work she enjoys playing the drums, listening to music, swimming, being outdoors, gardening, and playing strategy games. Growing up, she loved watching Veggie Tales, and says the show really impacted her. She graduated high school in 2017. Phoebe is 18 and from Moscow.

Rosie Mirelez

Rosie is one of the teachers at Grandma Beas. She has worked at two other schools in the last two years, teaching children from birth to age thirteen. She also babysat her younger sister and cousins while growing up. Her favorite part of working with kids is teaching them something new and seeing them retain it, as well as playing with them. She says working with children is great because they remind her how important it is to have an imagination.

Outside of work, Rosie enjoys reading, writing, drawing, and playing video games. Her favorite subject when she was in school was English because reading expands your imagination and can take you to other worlds. She is 22 and originally from Granger, Washington. Rosie graduated high school in 2014.

Elizabeth Johnson

Lizzy is the Lead Teacher for the Summer and After-School Program. Lizzy began working with children as a Nanny while in High School, which helped her realize how much she liked being around kids. Lizzy started teaching in the Winter of 2018. Her favorite part of teaching is hearing her students’ opinions and perceptions about life and learning. They often shed a fresh light on the subjects she teaches, which leads to interesting conversations and learning things from one another. Lizzy’s favorite subject to teach is Science. The process and discussions it inspires fascinate both students and teacher.

Lizzy’s hobbies include Crossfit, snowboarding, and hanging out with friends. As a child, Lizzy read Harry Potter and watched E.R., which helped her realize she wanted a career somewhere in the medical field. Lizzy listened to music when she was younger and encourages music in her class. She is from Nampa, Idaho and is 20 years old. Lizzy graduated High School in 2016, and is currently in her Junior year of college at the U of I. When she graduates, Lizzy wants to be a registered Dietician.

Ruth Campbell

Ruth oversees the Food Program for all students at Grandma Bea’s. Ruth has worked with all ages of kids for 20 years. Her favorite subject to see students in is art. She appreciates the creativity of the kids and likes to see their finished projects. At the beginning of each day at Grandma Bea’s, Ruth enjoys greeting the students and asking them about their morning. Her favorite meal to serve is breakfast because it gives the kids a good start to the day. She particularly likes being around the students because they are honest and brighten her day.

Ruth likes to pursue photography in her free time, as well as reading, camping, and playing with her pets. Her favorite subjects in school were P.E. and art. She believes Physical Education is very important, so Ruth likes to see the students’ various activities outside. From Yakima, WA, Ruth graduated High School and went on to get a bachelor’s degree with a major in Visual Communication and a Minor in Sociology in 2004.

Nancy Colson

Nancy is a kitchen assistant at Grandma Bea’s. She has been working with children in a professional setting for eighteen years, as well as babysitting since she was ten. Nancy worked with students from infant to after school aged and has experience with bilingual children and those with disabilities. Her favorite part of working with children is interacting with them, watching their responses and getting their feedback. In school her favorite subjects were science and history and she says she has always had a passion for learning. She enjoys working in the kitchen because she can work with every age group.

Outside of work she enjoys reading, fishing, camping, walking, having BBQ’s and spending time with her family. She is 52, and originally from California. Nancy went to school in Sacramento, California and is two credits shy of an associate’s degree.

Alanna Dolsen

Alanna is the Lead Teacher in the Pre-K Class. She began working with children at age 13 and has worked with them in various capacities ever since. She started working in a Daycare in Fall 2015 and has experience with ages 0-9. She has chosen to teach children because she wants to inspire a lifelong love of learning and to be the teacher she wishes she would have had. Her favorite part of teaching kids is encouraging a love of learning by applying subjects to real world events and individual students’ interests. Alanna is partial to teaching art, science, and reading to her students because they take the most imagination and critical thinking skills.

Alanna was an avid reader as a child and listened to Raffi growing up, inspiring a lifelong love of music. She also enjoyed The Magic School Bus and Bill Nye the Science Guy. Those helped her become interested in science and the way it applies to everyday life. Her hobbies include writing, journaling, photography, art, fashion, singing and playing ukulele, yoga, walking and playing with her dog, reading, and cooking. Raised in Salt Lake City, UT and graduating with a High School Diploma in 2010, Alanna dreams of becoming a teacher anywhere from K-12 as well as being a writer.

Hannah Sirk

Hannah is the lead teacher in the baby room. She decided to start teaching because of her love of children and was inspired by her mother and many great teachers she had along the way. Her favorite part of teaching is helping kids who are struggling in a certain area and watching the joy on their faces when it clicks for them. She also enjoys getting to know the kids and playing with them.

She has experience working with infants to children up to twelve years old. Hannah started babysitting when she was fourteen and went on to work for an hour each day in the 3rd and 4th grade classes at Russel Elementary for a year through a program at her high school. She started working at St. Rose’s as a childcare aide for kids from three to twelve in October of 2013 and moved up to a teacher’s aide position in the Pre-K classroom the following year, working there until November of 2016. She started working at Grandma Beas in July of 2017.

Outside of work Hannah enjoys reading, writing, crafting, decorating, swing dancing, and spending time with her fiancé, friends, and family. She is 22, originally from Billings, Montana, and has been in Moscow on and off since 2005. She graduated from Moscow High School in 2014 and has completed two years at the University of Idaho so far, working toward a degree in Creative Writing.

Kyanna Masterman

Kyanna is one of the teachers in the baby room. Her favorite part of working with the babies is the cuddles, and she started teaching because she is good at taking care of people. She has experience with children from birth to five years of age as well as those thirteen and older. Before she came to Grandma Bea’s she worked with the younger babies at Small Steps. She also worked at Milestones for four years with older kids working on teaching proper behavior, hygiene, and other life skills.

Outside of work Kyanna enjoys making clay figurines and jewelry, playing video games, coloring, hiking, and spending time with her husband and three kids. When she was in school her subject was reading, and she says that the Magic Treehouse books and the author Lemony Snicket really impacted her. She is 24, originally from Spokane, and graduated from Carrington College in 2014 with a degree in medical assisting.

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