Infant Daycare & Early Education

6 weeks - 24 months

Infant Room (0-2 Years)

Students in the infant room learn through explorative play. They develop fine motor skills while learning to color, paint, and do other craft projects. Gross motor skills are strengthened as the children move from tummy time, sitting up, crawling and standing up toward walking, running and climbing.

They have the opportunity to play both outside and inside with a variety of toys from blocks and cars to jumping and climbing mats and the ball pit. Sensory exploration is introduced through materials such as moon sand, yarn and ice. Activities, projects, and toys are presented to reflect the theme of the week which introduces colors, shapes, and animals among other subjects.

Meal time is an important learning activity in this class. The students enjoy the sensory experience of touching their food and practicing using utensils as well as eating from bowls and plates. Each child is encouraged to use signs for words such as please, thank you, more, and all done to help develop manners and communication. As they get older and can safely sit in a chair by themselves, they are transitioned from the baby table to one more like what the older students use. At this point they work on facing forward, not pushing the table, and staying in their seat until a teacher can help them clean up.

During class time children are read to every day to help build their vocabulary. They begin building independence by helping to put things away, getting their clothes back on after changing, and picking their own toys to play with while they explore the class room during free play. As each student develops relationships with the others in their class they are taught to use gentle touches and share.

This class works on getting each child familiar with routines and transitions that will help them when they eventually shift into the two-year-old class. This starts as a loose schedule when the are under a year old due to their various naps and gradually moves toward having one nap after lunch as they near the age of two.

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