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Masterpiece Engineering began in 1995, supplying turnkey HP3070 ICT software and fixtures from one source.

The company was founded by Mr. Danny Bryson, one of the top Test Engineers in the industry. Danny spent his early years developing ICT and functional test solutions at ITT Telecom and in the electronic contract manufacturing industry. Danny was the top member of ICT development team with IBM Austin when the 3070 was introduced. He actually unpacked Serial number 3 or 4, and began developing some of the very first 3070 applications on complex IBM RISC processor boards. He spent considerable time with the HP's original 3070 development team helping bring the first 3070s into practical use. This deep expertise in test engineering is fundamental to the Masterpiece mission.

Our original mission today is still to provide complex turnkey testing solutions for electronics manufacturers worldwide. From the very beginning, we have been building a reputation for exceeding our customers' needs and giving our customers the advantage in the most challenging situations.

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