The "Port of Go!" ... Where're you headed?


Travel Ticket Magazine is the embarkation guide that will inform and ease your plans for the perfect getaway.

Whether you journey for business or pleasure, Travel Ticket Magazine provides insight on, destinations, trends, industry leaders, books & author reviews, apparel and accessories, good deals, insurance, tours, and rankings.

Even more, Travel Ticket Magazine will focus on travel for any budget, dream, or purpose. Turn the pages for highlights on the hottest destinations, business retreats, and excursions. Travel Ticket Magazine will also feature information on safety issues and recommended itineraries that will make your voyage memorable.

Visit the “Port of Go!” and pick up your copy of travel exhilaration! Travel Ticket Magazine will be waiting for you upon entry.

Bon Voyage!

Note: If your company is interested in advertising in Travel Ticket Magazine, please click on the Travel Ticket Magazine cover on the right to download its’ attached .PDF for information for specifications and space reservation!


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