About Us

Sanders Family Enterprises (SFE) is a flatbed trucking company based in Baldwyn, MS. SFE is a family-owned business and puts its customers, employees, and their families first.

At SFE, you can rely on the experienced staff to accurately dispatch its drivers so your delivery arrives on time.

On-Time and Dependable

SFE is best known for flatbed hauling capabilities that are on-time and dependable. We use our years of experience to ensure that our drivers have the right amount of time to arrive for pickups and deliveries.

This accuracy gives you a clear time to when we will arrive or deliver your load.

Cargo Control

The safety and security of every load are one of our biggest concerns. Our drivers receive on-going training to keep every load in top condition on delivery.

Meet your Coordinators

Amanda and Stephanie are SFE’s coordinators and dispatchers. When you call you will speak with either one. They are here to help make your delivery go smoothly.

Amanda Sanders - SFE

Amanda Sanders

stephanie watson sfe

Stephanie Watson

Greg Sanders

Greg Sanders, Owner

Greg Sanders has loved trucks since he started driving at the age of 17. By the time he was 21 years old, he was driving long haul. After seeing a gap in the transportation industry he and his wife, Amanda, started Sanders Family Enterprises (SFE) to improve the quality of work to drivers as well as the customers they serve.

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